Remote Backend

Remote Backend(Proxy Mode) #

Usage #

If you’d like to run WebP Server Go as a proxy for remote backend services, you could define your configuration file like this:

  "HOST": "",
  "PORT": "3333",
  "QUALITY": "80",
  "IMG_PATH": "",
  "EXHAUST_PATH": "./exhaust",
  "ALLOWED_TYPES": ["jpg","png","jpeg","bmp","gif","svg","heic"],
  "CACHE_TTL": 259200

Please pay attention to the IMG_PATH config, in the example above, you suppose your files are at

Tips #

Please be aware that the IMG_PATH must:

  • Begin with https:// or http://
  • Does not contain trailing slash.
    • Correct:
    • Wrong:

Requirements for backend #

We use Etag header from backend to fetch and refresh/rebuild cache, so it’s a need that your backend’s response will contain a Etag header.

We use HEAD request to get remote image info, so your backend needs to support HEAD request, after first successfully HEAD request, it will be cached for CACHE_TTL minutes, during that period, we will not send HEAD request again and use local cache for rendering.

Supported(tested) backends:

  • Aliyun OSS
    • ETag
  • Tecent Cloud COS
    • ETag
  • AWS S3
    • etag
  • Nginx
    • You need to enable etag output by adding etag on; in your server block
    • ETag